Entry: Eye Candy, Insto, Better than Prozac (I think...) Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yesss. Aku memasang foto ini sebagai wallpaper komputer. Di-tile-in. Ohh...McDreamy. Everytime I closed all the windows in my computer, and I catch a glimpse of him...oh, I think I'm having a tiny piece of McOrgasm.

(Kata QQ: "Duh, Nari. Elu kok kayak Indonesia aja sih. Bisanya cuma di atas kertas.")


March 13, 2007   06:12 PM PDT
hmmm...i'm more into McVet =) haha
February 12, 2007   05:31 PM PST
niken>>> yes, and it's for Rp 20 ribu a pop. hilarious, girl.

diamante>>>>cute lawyers are the only thing i long for pas di metropolitan. but that doesn't happen too often.

pernah ada once a week, a bunch of cute young lawyers dari adnan buyung & partners (the adnan boys, i call them) nanganin kasus korupsi di rumah sakit. tapi nunggu sidangnya lamaaaa banget. mereka jadi kayak gak gitu worth it.

sisanya? ya pengacara2 yang gitu dehhh...
February 9, 2007   04:56 PM PST
a guy with a large number of facial hairs?
he reminds me of one of hercules's lawyers (yup, from tanah abang hercules ofcourse)
I got his phone number by the way
February 9, 2007   04:36 PM PST

I wonder, do they come in Happy Meal packages with a bonus of...ummm...battery-powered plastic toy?

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