Entry: Sebuah Paragraf Pinjeman Saturday, March 10, 2007

"It was like this veil that meant nothing to her anymore yet without which she would be lost. She had always worn the veil. Did she want to wear it or not? She did not know.

.....She said she could not imagine Yassi without a veil. What would she look like? Would it affect the way she walked or how she moved her hands? How would others look at her? Would she become a smarter or a dumber person? These were her obsessions, alongside her favorite novels by Austen, Nabokov and Flaubert.

Again she repeated that she would never get married, never ever. She said that for her a man always existed in books, that she would spend the rest of her life with Mr Darcy--even in the books, there were few men for her. What was wrong with that?"

"Reading Lolita in Tehran"
by Azar Nafisi

(Oh. My. God.)


March 20, 2007   06:31 PM PDT
oh nari, we hvnt finished our convo about that *nguhuks* when will we meet again?

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