Entry: Valentine Antidote Friday, November 23, 2007

Jawabannya? St Catherine's Day.

Gara-gara kemaren malam (and I mean malem, jam 10 booo jadwal acaranya. Belum terlambatnya...) liputan perayaan St Catherine's Day-nya ESMOD, aku jadi nge-Google tentang perayaan ini. Penjelasan yang menarik sih ada di situs ini. Sampe terbahak-bahak deh mbacanya.

(Dan mungkin agak sedikit deg-degan, in 6 weeks, I will be eligible to be called  a "Catherinette". On the good side, aku juga eligible untuk jadi pusat perayaan ini. Second birthday party in one year, wohooo!)

Tentang serba-serbinya hari yang diperingati tiap 25 November ini:
On St. Catherine's Day, it is customary for unmarried women to pray for husbands, and to honor women who've reached 25 years of age but haven't married -- called "Catherinettes" in France. Catherinettes send postcards to each other, and friends of the Catherinettes make hats for them -- traditionally using the colors yellow (faith) and green (wisdom), often outrageous -- and crown them for the day....The Catherinettes are supposed to wear the hat all day long, and they are usually feted with a meal among friends.

Yang paling membuatku terbahak-bahak membacanya, ternyata ada doa khusus yang dibaca perempuan-perempuan muda demi mendapatkan suami. Buat yang di bawah 25:

"Donnez-moi, Seigneur, un mari de bon lieu! Qu'il soit doux, opulent, libéral et agréable!" (Lord, give me a well-situated husband. Let him be gentle, rich, generous, and pleasant!)

Khas optimisme orang muda ya, yang mimpinya masih besar-besar dan tinggi-tinggi kayak life-listku di bawah. Nah, terus buat yang udah di atas 25:

"Seigneur, un qui soit supportable, ou qui, parmi le monde, au moins puisse passer!"
(Lord, one who's bearable, or who can at least pass as bearable in the world!")

uuuUUUUuuu, tampaknya sudah ada yang mulai kesepian di tempat tidur nih. What, those late night Austen-reading doesn't help you much in believing that there is a Darcy for you? Or passionate Heathcliff never showed up in front of your bedroom door and proclaim something like 'I must have you'? Opsi juga tidak seindah dan sebanyak waktu muda dulu ya? Realita sepertinya mulai menyusup perlahan masuk ke otak. (What is it with me being mean today?)

Nah, ternyata masih ada lanjutannya nih. Buat yang pushing 30:
"Un tel qu'il te plaira Seigneur, je m'en contente!"
("Send whatever you want, Lord; I'll take it!")


(Society is that mean to women, eh? Tiba-tiba aku jadi ngerti what the whole fuss with feminism is about, hehe.)

Ah, anyway. For my fabulous 'Catherinettes' across the sea, atau yang di Surabaya, di Bali, you girls are my hero. Have a great St Catherine's weekend ya.  


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